Therapeutic earth magnets

December 2nd, 2012 § 0 comments

Magnets have been used for diverse therapies since 2000 BC by Chinese, who used to massage their bodies with earth magnets in the hopes that they will increase the duration of their lives, better their blood flow or even increase their immunity. Today, a specialized branch of therapy has been developed which uses earth magnets and electromagnetic fields to stimulate diverse parts of the body for different effects on the body.

However, the branch is widely regarded as unscientific, though; many claim to have healed themselves with the power of magnets and of other products that make use of magnetic properties. There is an entire market for magnetic jewelry, for a diversity of magnetic straps and all sort of other products which contain trace elements of earth magnets which are included as ingredients in creams, in pomades and many other products. 5XZZKSKJUWHC

At large, most doctors and specialists attack this type of earth magnets therapies due to the fact that no direct link can be established between the exertion of the body to the kinds of weak magnetic fields generated by the magnets or electromagnetic stimulants.

Human bodies make use of magnetic properties internally only at the level of the blood, which is either slightly diamagnetic or paramagnetic, depending on whether it is carrying any oxygen or not.

The most common type of beneficial effect that most healers try to convince people about is that the earth magnets used will have an effect on the circulation of the blood at the level of the extremities. Therefore, many people with problems at the level of their peripheral blood flow will seek these kinds of medicine and of treatments, though, again, no reassuring medical documentation has shown any effects at all.

The earth magnets, even the strongest ones cannot be used to alter the human physiology, at least not in quantifiable and calculable manners. What, however is possible is that the individual might go through a placebo effect, which, for all intents and purposes, can have beneficial effects on its own.

A problem, however, with administering blind and double blind tests is the fact that magnetic fields can be very easily spotted, so blind testing of magnetic therapies is almost impossible, as they would require a really well balanced set of tests to insure that nobody is aware of testing. The earth magnets themselves simply are too easy to detect, as any metallic surface will de-conspire them, as they will be attracted to that surface.

So, should you or should you not try earth magnets as a cure or as a treatment? Well, for once, at least if not ingested, the earth magnets will have no negative effect on your health. That alone is sufficient to allow FDA to allow treatments, and, if you feel that they work than purely the placebo effect might do the job.